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Hi, nice to hear you!

The sound of our Music will catch the heart of your audience.
Music made by people who care about people. Not only noise or just a sound, but the musical
heartbeat of life will carry you, and your audience to places they have never been.
Let us catch your heart.

Earcatcher is specialized in song writing, music production and lyrics for artists, film and
gaming industry and advertising. Do you need a special song? Then you are at the right place.
Let us know your needs and we will catch them in very special music.
Take the tour at our website and hear for yourself!

Catch my music, let me catch your heart

NEWS – today earcatcher at SBS6 – I want your song

Sanne Hans, better known as Miss Montreal, is looking for a new song this time. Can we please her?

Musicproduction – artists

Earcatcher is the creative musicproduction company for pop music. And as they always say:
a good song is ten percent creativity and ninety percent hard work. Let us perform the only
right production for your music. Let your audience be catched by breathtaking songs where chorus,
lyrics and all the other elements are in complete harmony.

Pop music is our main business. We work for various artists in the Netherlands, Germany and many
other countries. That is no surprise: music is borderless. A good produced song will find listeners all
over the world. For any performer, in any country. Please try for yourself. Let us catch your music and
make it a breathtaking song. Sent us your song and we will let you know what is possible.

Our Songproductions

Making my day

Leadvocals: Markus Winkler
Background-Vocals: Bill Padley, Karen Danzig
Song by: Markus Winkler & Marcel Kramer, Bill Padley, Karen Danzig
Lyrics by: Markus Winkler & Marcel Kramer, Bill Padley, Karen Danzig

Little summertime

Leadvocals: Sofa
Song by: Markus Winkler & Marcel Kramer
Lyrics by: Markus Winkler, Marcel Kramer, Lotte ter Horst

The producer & Songwriter-Team

Marcel Kramer

De passie van songs schrijven en het produceren is juist datgene te vinden dat de song of productie uniek maakt. Aan de ene kant moet het herkenning oproepen maar aan de andere kant moet het ook vernieuwend zijn. Bij het luisteren van muziek zou je alles kunnen resumeren: kost het energie of levert het energie op. Marcel Kramer deed al veel ervaring op sinds de jaren 90 als songwriter en producer voor grote internationale radio- en tvcampagnes voor o.a. Milka, Mattel Barbie, Camel, Toyota en Center Parcs (London Philharmonic Orchestra – George Martin Beatles.)

Markus Winkler

Melodievoering is voor Markus Winkler één van de speerpunten. Door deze telkens te koppelen aan nieuwe productionele ideeën ontstaan unieke strofen muziek. Doordat Markus ook zangtechnische talenten heeft worden deze direct getoetst aan nieuwe songs en producties. Sinds 2000 werken Markus Winkler en Marcel Kramer intensief samen.

Studio Netherlands

Ravenhorsterweg 73


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